What you should DO about the Stock Market ‘Bubble’

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California Middle Class Scholarship Help


How should a Real Estate Agent market your home?


The 10 things a Life Insurance Salesman won’t tell you

RB Budget

What you need to know about California’s Small Employer Health Coverage Insurance Urgency Bill


Happy Fourth of July Weekend!

Short Sale Home For Sale Real Estate Sign and House - Right Side.

Should a buyer’s negotiation fee scare you away from a short sale?


What drives a former Navy SEAL when he is no longer on active duty?

House Home Interest Rates (1)

Is the mortgage market getting any looser?


Should you allow a Real Estate Agent to have dual representation when you’re looking to buy or sell?

Tony Gwynn

In Tribute to Mr. Padre Tony Gwynn

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Is Donald Sterling really back to suing the NBA?


Where are the best school districts in San Diego?

lawn bowls

Are you looking for a fun activity for you and a special senior in your life?

Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson…Insider Trader or Just a Guy Looking Out For His Own Finances?


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