About Mr Credit

Host of the Mr Credit Radio Show

Mr Credit on Prime Time with Taylor Baldwin

“Mr. Credit” is Derrick Evens.
Born: 10/16/1980 in Columbia, Missouri.
High School: Columbia Hickman
College: University of Missouri-Columbia

Derrick is a Radio Show Host, Consumer Advocate and passionate Journalist. His quest for the Truth is just one side of the equation. Delivering it to people for Free is his real passion. He likes to help people solve problems and there are few more important than the financial ones we all face. Some days he will be up all night answering emails, but he won’t stop until the last one is sent. With a background in Mathematics and Finance, education in Journalism, Certification as a Credit Expert and a long business history in Real Estate, it would be hard to find someone more well-rounded in the financial community. However, a big part of what he wants to accomplish is connecting people in need with the right service providers. Derrick has no business outside of hosting his Show and coaching other hosts around the country. His sole purpose is to help people solve their financial problems and connect them with service providers he knows to be trustworthy.

If you want to hear more about the Mr. Credit story, watch this short video.